Who we are

The development objective of the East Africa Public Health Laboratory Networking Project for Africa is to establish a network of efficient, high quality, accessible public health laboratories for the diagnosis and surveillance of tuberculosis and other communicable diseases. The additional financing (AF) phase for Burundi, Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda is assisting to: (a) scale up successful activities to additional facilities in cross border areas, further expanding geographic coverage.. read more

What we do

Component 1: Regional Diagnostic and Surveillance Capacity (US$36.2 million) Under Component 1, the following additional activities are being funded to enhance readiness to cope with disease outbreaks: (i) establishment of selective BSL2/3 capacity to facilitate rapid and efficient diagnosis of EVD and other pathogens and minimize the need for transporting infectious materials across borders, drawing on thorough risk assessments to be conducted to determine the appropriate BSL.. read more


  • Introduced a unique and cost effective peer review mechanism by which the five EAC member states assess performance of each other’s laboratories, ensuring objectivity and promoting cross country learning.
  • Attained substantial quality improvements with impressive gains in the Stepwise Laboratory Quality Improvement Process towards Accreditation (SLIPTA), instilling a culture of continuous quality.. read more

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